With best wishes for a happy, relaxing and sun-soaked summer holiday from the staff, students and friends of Pilton Community College.

Welcome to Pilton Community College from the Headteacher

We are a successful 11-16 mixed comprehensive school whose student-centred philosophy demonstrates our commitment to enabling every student to achieve their potential by fostering a culture where students believe that success is for all. 


We have a strong ethos based on traditional values which underpin everything that we do. Our high expectations positively reinforce the highest standards of learning and behaviour at all times and encourage students to show respect for themselves, others, and the world around them. The development of positive relationships and student ownership of all aspects of school life are essential ingredients that make Pilton Community College special.  

We believe that: 


”Your character and attitudes to others will determine your success in life alongside your academic qualifications.” 

Steve Jobs


The opportunities and support that we provide enable our students to develop these key characteristics and become confident young people who contribute to our local community

Mr Graham Hill


I can imagine things are really finely balanced at school at the moment... I just want to say thank you for continuing to keep the kids at school as much as you can, but mostly for keeping a positive and happy environment going for them and for keeping us parents/carers informed.

"My son, who is currently in Year 7 has had a fantastic experience since day one at Pilton, there is no day that he doesn't back home talking about his teachers his subjects or his new friends."

"...with the marvellous support she received when starting back at   school, from her sorely missed friends and teachers, virtual bulletins and lessons, all vital for her growing confidence. She has thrived ... and her younger brother joined Pilton this September too.