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Wellbeing at Pilton

Wellbeing is a multi-faceted concept involving much more than just physical health. It’s a combination of a person's emotional, mental and social health and it also reflects how they feel about themselves and their life in general. Wellbeing is linked to improved academic achievement, enhanced mental health and responsible life choices.

Reflecting our school values, we are committed to helping students and staff to feel connected and engaged in their teaching and learning and, in collaboration with parents, we aim to enable the young people in our care to develop the social and emotional skills to grow into happy, respectful, well-balanced and successful members of their school and wider community.​

Action for Happiness

Anxiety advice

Asking for Help

Depression Advice

National Sleep Helpline

NHS Self-help guides

Parental Minds websiteStudent Minds website

Talkworks Workshops

Young Minds (Parent Helpline)