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Reasonable Adjustments

Time Out Cards

At Pilton we currently permit a small number of students to step outside the classroom for a few minutes to manage their behaviour, anxiety or anger. In order to manage this provision effectively for students and for staff, we are making a few changes to this system. This will continue to support positive learning behaviours and build up the resilience of our students.

Before completing an online form to apply for a time out card for your child, please consider carefully your reasons for doing so and be aware that we ask for evidence of need and agreement to our expectations:

  • Students holding a time out card must give their card to their teacher at the start of each lesson. They will not be able to use it if they fail to do so. 
  • Students who misplace their card will not be permitted a time out until a new one is printed. 
  • The student must remain in sight of the classroom doorway at all times. This to allow the staff members to uphold their safeguarding duties. 
  • Students who misuse the time out card will not have it renewed and the privilege will be revoked.  A meeting with their Head of Year or the SENDCo may also be necessary. 
  • In addition to this, we expect all students who hold a timeout card to join one of our weekly sessions designed to improve their resilience and manage anxiety. This will support and encourage our young people to be less reliant on this card. 

Click here to apply for a Time Out Card.  


Medical Cards

Some students may need to leave their lesson due to a medical need or condition, including Autism or ADHD.  A medical card will support students to manage their needs in a safe way that is agreed by both school and home.     Students who misuse their medical card may have it revoked or altered in discussion with their Head of Year or SENDCo.  

Click here to apply for a Medical card.   



As a school (and as a SENDCo), I firmly believe in the importance of homework in supporting learning. Having the opportunity to recap and overlearn the subject content is essential, particularly for those with additional learning needs. On the other hand, I am fully aware of the family conflict that can occur when you have to insist that homework is completed, especially when your child is exhausted from their school day!

To avoid being in a position where your child is receiving negative points for work that is beyond their capacity, I will need your help. If you feel that, due to a SEN need, your child will not be able to manage this homework expectation and will require reasonable adjustments, I ask that you have a conversation with your child and make a family agreement as to how much work is reasonable for them to complete. Once you have had this discussion, please email me at to outline what you feel is ‘doable’. We can then try to ensure our systems reflect this.

Click here to view the SEN Homework letter