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Pupil Premium

Our intention is that all students who attend Pilton Community College make good progress, irrespective of their starting position, background or challenges they may face whilst with us.

The focus of our pupil premium statement is to support disadvantaged learners to achieve that goal. We include vulnerable students such as our looked after children, children with social workers and our young carers in our wraparound provision.

The main foci of our pupil premium plan are:

  • to provide high quality teaching and academic support to all our students.
  • to address the literacy gap between disadvantaged students and their peers.
  • to provide a wide and varied curriculum with clear progression routes to Post 16 and employment in our area.
  • to provide support and challenge to students and their families where attendance has been identified as an issue.
  • to make sure no student is disadvantaged through their access to IT equipment in their time with us at school.
  • to make sure students have the access needed to cultural experiences to enable them to interpret and interact with the world around them and flourish.
  • to make sure that students are clear about the pathways ahead of them when they leave us and do not become NEET.
  • to provide robust academic mentoring for targeted students throughout their time with us. Providing clear pastoral support backed by an academic focus.

We will partake in targeted support from both in-school tutoring and external tutoring to address the effect of the pandemic on the education of all students.

Our approach will be based on nationally identified best practice and also in house research and feedback to make sure our approach is tailored to our individual school. We will always re-visit the question: What does it mean to be disadvantaged at Pilton Community College?