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Home Learning at Pilton

Home Learning is an essential part of the teaching and learning process and supports students’ progress. Home Learning is particularly significant because it teaches responsibility and helps students to develop good study habits. In addition, Home Learning helps to improve students’ long-term memory and better prepares them for the demands of public examinations.

Key Stage 3 Home Learning

Each student has access to the Home-Learning resource book (download section on this page) and a Home Learning exercise book.  

The resource books contains knowledge organisers and web links to the various activities that need to be completed  There is also a home learning timetable that students must follow.

Each home learning activity includes an enquiry task; a task that allows students to apply the knowledge that they have just covered.  These tasks can be found either in the resource booklet or on Class Charts.  Tasks need to be completed in the home learning exercise book or online if required.

How is Home Learning checked?

We want all our students to see the value of home learning and therefore place a great emphasis on the completion of all home-learning tasks. It is also really important that students learn to meet deadlines.  

Teachers will set a checking lesson where the home learning is checked, usually during the "Do It Now" section of the lesson. Students should write their checking lesson in the Home Learning book.

Teachers award a positive class chart point for completed work.  If a student fails to complete the work, they receive a negative point and parents will be informed by an automatic email.  Teachers, Tutors and Heads of Year review this information regularly and will contact home to resolve any barriers to the completion of Home-Learning.

Setting of Home-Learning 

The home-learning schedules are printed in the front of the home learning resource books and in a students Home-learning exercise book.

Support with Home Learning

Students will require access to a portable device to complete some of their home-learning (Maths, Science and English). If they do not have access to a portable device, please contact your child’s Head of Year in the first instance.



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