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Year 10 Rank Order Assessment Report

We have chosen to move to Rank Order Assessments for a variety of reasons.  We believe they will

  • Motivate students so that they are engaged with their learning

  • Compare progress between assessments and help set goals

  • Provide greater clarity to parents/carers regarding performance in an assessment compared to peers so that they can celebrate successes and support learning

  • Inform teachers which students need additional support or challenge to meet their potential

As part of this assessment approach, we have convened a Rank Order Committee to scrutinise our approach to ROA and forensically interrogate how the data is analysed.  This is to ensure that any student who is not making expected progress or appears in the lower part of the rank are highlighted to receive additional support.

To support you with this new assessment approach, we have created 2 resources.  

Parent's video explaining how to interpret the report

Parent's survival guide to support your child at home

Initial launch Video outlining our approach and rationale for Rank Order Assessments

Students must prepare thoroughly for their assessments.  To support students, we produce Student and Parent revision guides, which contain all the information you will need to support your child with their revision.  A new guide will be distributed several weeks before each assessment point.

If you have any questions, queries, or concerns please look at the available resources and the website.  We have dedicated a full-page section to Rank Order assessments.