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SEND at Pilton

Welcome to our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) page. Here you will find information about the provision we make for students with SEND at Pilton Community College.

At Pilton Community College our aim is to ensure that all students leave school with the skills, knowledge, and qualifications to lead successful, happy, and rewarding lives. In order to do so we provide a wide range of support for our SEND students which includes quality first teaching, targeted group support and individual interventions and daily adjustments to support individuals. We believe that students learn best when they are engaged in their learning and that the work should be challenging, regardless of ability. In order to meet these aims we consider it important that the student, their parents or carers and the school work in close partnership. If problems arise, we aim to deal with them promptly so that all our students can continue to make good progress.

We are constantly striving to improve our SEND provision.  Each term we invite parents to comment on their experience with the SEND department and that of their children.  Below are several comments we have recently received. 

"Overall I highly recommend Pilton for children with additional needs. Kind, caring & understanding and inclusive" 

"The staff were excellent at spotting his difficulties and getting the correct provision in place to support him"

"The people I have spoken to within the SEN department are excellent; they are reassuring and so attentive when it comes to offering help and advice"

"My child feels really supported and knows who to go to if she's struggling"

How our curriculum supports students with SEND

At Pilton College we are committed to offering an ambitious, inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all students whatever their needs or abilities. All children have different strengths and deserve a curriculum which celebrates their talents, develops any gaps and allows them to become confident and self-assured citizens. We work in collaboration with families and external agencies to ensure all students are given full opportunity to reach their potential and achieve success. 

Our Curriculum for students with SEND  

• is ambitious for all  

• is designed to be broad, inclusive, knowledge-rich and purposeful  

• inspires, challenges and nurtures  

• promotes resilience and courage 

• is efficiently resourced to support progress 

• strives to eliminate gaps in prior learning, skills and cultural capital  

• creates enrichment opportunities  

• provides aspirational pathways accessible to all interests and abilities  

• empowers all to reach their challenging targets and their academic potential  

• enables all to make a successful, safe, confident and independent transition into adulthood  

• is regularly reviewed in response to changing needs  

Each department has designed their own individual SEND learner experience document to outline the journey for learners within their subject.