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Rank Order Assessment

We are constantly looking for ways to help students achieve amazing outcomes and to boost motivation. Other high-performing schools and academies cite providing students and parents with rank order information as one of the most effective ways to do this. 

This year students in Year 7 and Year 10 will experience an approach to assessments called Rank Order Assessments (ROA).  We believe it is a very accurate way to track a student’s progress between assessments, giving students, parents/carers and teachers a true picture of their learning.  ROA give a shared meaning between students, parents/carers, teachers and school leaders about the progress of individuals and groups with the school.

Initial concerns are always about potentially demotivating those who appear lower in the list. When these concerns are overcome, rank order proves to be a useful and effective piece of information to know. When we have visited schools that use rank order, far from being demotivating in any way, students describe how they are constantly trying to improve on their own previous position in the year.

At all times we will be offering wrap-around support to students to improve from whichever position they find themselves in.

Three times a year, students sit a series of assessments under exam conditions which are marked and used to determine their rank within their year group in school. The outcomes of these assessments will be shared with students and parents/carers in their termly progress report.  There will also be an opportunity to discuss progress at 'parents' evenings.  In some cases, parents and carers will be invited into school to discuss the progress their child is making.

It is very important that your child fully prepares for these assessments and spends time doing the revision needed to do their best.

If you have any questions/comments or queries, please click the link below.  Your query will be directed to the relevant member of staff.

Assessment 1 Report

Before the half term break, Parents of Year 7 and Year 10 students will receive their first Rank Order Assessment Report of the academic year.  There are a variety of resources available to hep you interpret the report and advice and guidance and how to support your child at home with 5 core issues.

We have created a whole page dedicated to the Year 7 report.  Please click below to access this page

Year 7 ROA Report Information 

Year 10 ROA Report Information 


What is Rank Order Assessment?

Rank Order Assessment is the process of assessing students, ideally through formalised examinations, and then ranking them from top to bottom performer in each subject and overall.

Why are we doing Rank Order Assessment?

We are constantly looking for ways to help students achieve amazing outcomes and to boost motivation.  We have spent a considerable amount of time researching different approaches and listening to parent’s feedback on our current reporting system.​

We need our assessment system to…​

  • motivate students
  • compare progress between assessments​
  • provide greater clarity to parents/carers regarding performance in an assessment compared to peers​
  • inform teachers which students need additional support or challenge to meet their potential​

We believe providing parents/carers and students with a rank order information is one of the most effective ways to do achieve all of these criteria.​​


Why is ROA a more accurate way to assess students and their progress?

There is no agreed standard for any level of work and learning, even in GCSE, that can provide guidance to assess work. Grades are actually assigned at these times as a comparison against all the other students who take the examination. The top 0.1% will get a grade 9. The top 2% get a grade 8, and so on. Therefore, what is required to get a student’s certain target grade is not consistent from year to year.

What will Rank Order Assessment look like?

Rank order information will appear on the student's report.  This report will be posted or distributed digitally.

What will the school do with the Rank Order information?

The information rank order gives allows the school to reward students who are making progress and identify students who need additional support to prevent their rank from falling.  We are also able to assess if particular interventions are having an impact.

Which Year Groups are involved?

This year only Year 7 and Year 10 are involved with rank order assessments.  Other year groups will have their assessments in the same way without rank order being calculated.  Below is the roll out plan for rank order assessments.

Academic Year 2023 / 2024: Y7 and Y10

Academic Year 2024 / 2025: Y7, Y8, Y10 and Y11

Academic Year 2025 / 2026: All year groups

When will Rank Order happen?

ROA happens 3 time per year, once each term.  The dates can be found on the first page of the guidance booklet and on the website.

Who will see the rank order?

The rank order will appear on the progress report for the student and their families to see. The school will use the rank order data internally. It is their information to choose to share with others or not.  You will receive the report either electronically or through the post.  Students will not receive this report during the school day.

Will these assessments happen in all subjects?

Short answer is no.  

For Year 7: In English, maths and science students will receive a subject rank.  Other subjects that assess using a scored assessment will contribute to the calculations that give the overall school rank for a child.

Some subjects such as Pe, Art and D&T assess a final product or performance.  It is not possible to score these assessments therefore they do not contribute to ROA.  You will still receive feedback on the progress report for these subjects.

For Year 10:  All subjects will provide a subject rank and all subjects will contribute to the overall rank order.

How will the rank order be generated?

In subjects, the raw score of an assessment will be used to rank order students. If more than one student has the same score, they will all receive the same highest possible ranking. The next student after this will be ranked after this group of students.

  • Student A – 54 score Rank 21
  • Student B – 52 score Rank 22
  • Student C – 52 score Rank 22
  • Student D – 52 score Rank 22
  • Student E – 50 score Rank 25

For the overall rank subjects will contribute a different weighting as represented by that subject’s curriculum time.  English, maths and science ranking will count more to a student’s overall ranking as student's spend more curriculum time studying these subjects.

Will this impact set changes? (in Maths, English and Science)

It may do. Moving to ROA three times a year is about giving students the responsibility, motivation and determination to change their outcomes and so a significant increase or decrease in rank may show they are no longer in the appropriate set.  We will always consider other factors when moving students into a different set.

What happens if a student is ranked at the bottom of the year groups?

We have found that the students who find themselves at the bottom of the rank order are those who miss lessons persistently or refuse to engage in lessons. These students will already be receiving support for their attendance or behaviour and this data will enable us to accurately measure the impact of this. All interventions will be monitored through this process:

Should a student move more than 10% down we will see this as a need for us to support them more.

If a student is making the progress that they should be they will stay around the same rank as they move through Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

What will get tested on? How can students find out what to revise?

All subjects will have one, in-class assessment, and the class teacher will explain what this is like. Each assessment point, students and parents/carers will receive an assessment guide.  This contains vital links to videos and support material on revision techniques and importantly topics and live links to revision resources that students need revise.

What happens if they miss an assessment?

If they miss an assessment they will need to try and catch this up and the class teacher will help them do this in a lesson shortly after the planned assessment. If this cannot be caught up by the time the data gets collected the student will not receive a score and this will affect their ranking for the subject and the school, as it would if a student missed an exam in year 11. Anyone in this position will be contacted prior to the progress reports being released.

How will we support students who find themselves at the bottom of a Rank Order or dropping places?

Students who finish towards the bottom of the rank will receive bespoke intervention where appropriate and, in some cases, parents/carers will be invited in for a meeting to discuss the possible reasons for a low rank order.  Interventions may include literacy, numeracy or reading support.​​

We have a specific team of teachers who will analyse the Rank Order data to identify which students need support and how best we can support parents/carers having conversations with their child.

My child has special education needs – will this affect their standing in the year group?

First of all, it is conversation between you and your child.  Rank order is not shared between students which is why we shall send them home directly.  Some students can be removed from the rank order due to specific learning needs.  This needs to be discussed with the SEND team

How, as a parent/carer, can I support my child with Rank Order Assessment?

As parent/carers you can support immeasurably by encouraging a positive attitude to learning, independent work at home through homework as well as supporting punctuality and attendance. Students who follow this are far more likely to improve their rank order and will therefore be rewarded for their academic progress. Whilst students were not expected to revise for baseline assessments, prior to mid-year and end of year assessments, you will receive a booklet that will tell you everything that they will be tested on. You can keep track on that by having a look in their books or speaking to your sons/daughters.

Will students be rewarded for their Rank Order?

We shall celebrate students in a variety of ways and for a variety of criteria.  Progress is not simply moving up the Rank.  We also want to acknowledge students who have excellent attendance, an outstanding attitude to learning in school and a commitment to home-learning out of school.

How will we Supporting Individuals to prepare?

We recognise every student as an individual. Some students may require additional support preparing for assessments or in managing the outcomes of the assessments. Where students may have additional needs, we will strive to ensure that these students received a personalised approach.

Prior to the Assessments

  • All students will have an assembly outlining expectations during the assessment  period. 
  • Dedicated home-learning rooms after school everyday from 3:10-4:10 
  • Additional support for students with additional needs special educational to ensure they are aware of the assessment process and ways they can revise.

Following Assessments

  • ‘Drop in Session’ with members of the Senior Leadership Team or Pastoral Team to discuss results and set actions to support individuals.
  • Where students have underperformed in exams, personalised actions will be set. 
  • Celebration and rewarding of success.