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Learning At Pilton

What does the Learning at Pilton model mean for our students?


  • Every lesson begins with a Do It Now (DIN) - this is so that students can regularly recall important prior learning. 
  • Our teachers use Modelling and Demonstration - particularly using I do, We do, You do so that they can see what excellence looks like and can begin to replicate it. 
  • Our teachers Check for Understanding using cold-call and no opt-out.  We use these strategies to check for understanding to ensure that all students are thinking hard all of the time.  
  • We give our students thinking time so that they can share their best thinking with us.  Students with speech and language needs require up to 12 seconds thinking time. 
  • We ensure that our students have the scaffolding they need to produce brilliant work - this might be: sentence starters, writing frames, structure strips, one-to-one support.
  • We make sure our students have deliberate practice time - this is time in the lesson they can practise independently so that they can grow and improve their skills and knowledge.  This will often be in silence so that students can produce their best work.
  • Throughout a lesson, teachers  use radar and be seen looking to make sure that 100% of students are thinking and learning hard 100% of the time.  We are committed to ensuring every lesson counts. 
  • We have exit routines for the end of lessons so that students leave in a calm and orderly manner - ready for their next lesson.