Work Related Learning

Today's learners frequently ask the question ?Why am I doing this?? A school as a Learning Community needs to meet the needs of its students beyond the classroom that are adaptable and able to deal with change, assertive, literate, numerate and able to use ICT.


Learners who are flexible, team players, culturally aware, able to move from job to job, effectively manage both their time and personal organisation will be much in demand. Work related pathways therefore offer opportunities best suited to the needs of young people but also in the context of what the world of work needs.


Key Stage 4

Units of work, Grouping of students, assessment and expected standards

Home Learning Opportunities

Mainly extension work for challenges that have been set

Self study and Independent learning a natural extension of these types of courses

Dated and dead-lined challenges and modules

Keeping groups on task with these as standard practice.

Respect  * Responsibility *  Resilience * Trust *  Kindness *  Courage

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