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Physical Education and BTEC Sport

Our intent is to deliver a Physical Education curriculum that is ambitious for all students. Our new holistic approach to teaching PE will assess students’ knowledge, social emotional skills as well as physical abilities. Our curriculum is broad and balanced, and our topic overviews are coherently planned and sequenced to challenge all students and also address gaps in learning. 

Key Stage 3

We have recently changed how we deliver KS3 PE and moved to a Head/Heart/Hands Curriculum. The three strands focus on the learner and develop their knowledge, communication and physical ability. This has been as a direct response to introducing a BTEC course at KS4, the challenges following the pandemic and the results from a number of student surveys, where we needed to re-evaluate, what students wanted from their PE lessons.

Our curriculum model will allow pupils to study three main PE strands in a range of activities.

  • Head - Knowledge, Understanding, Analysis, Feedback, Rules, Responsibility.
  • Heart - Confidence, Respect, Leadership, Resilience, Communication, Effort.
  • Hands - Physical Ability, Competitive, Tactics, Technique, Problem Solving, Fitness levels.

Our pupils will develop resilience and personal behaviours which will enable them to make informed choices about their lifestyles and well-being.

Key Stage 4

Through our KS4 PE Options Programme and personalised individual curriculums we allow our students to build on and embed physical activity habits and make lifestyle choices that prepare them for further learning. We encourage students to be self-motivated, articulate and passionate. Students learn to build their physical and mental health and learn how to manage pressure, and work environments where wellbeing and pressure are daily factors.


All topics will have an overview which clearly explains to students what they need to know; how they will be assessed and the key vocabulary they’ll be taught during the unit.

This is in folders/exercise books and laminated sheets for students in core PE.


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Curriculum Documents

Year 7 Physical Education Curriculum Plan

Year 8 Physical Education Curriculum Plan

Year 9 Physical Education Curriculum Plan

Year 10 & 11 Physical Education Curriculum Plan

BTEC Tech Award in Sport Year 10  Curriculum Plan

BTEC First Award in Sport Year 11 Curriculum Plan (Legacy Specification)

BTEC Tech Award Specification

BTEC First Award Specification

Subject Documents Date  
BTEC Tech Award in Sport Learning Journey 10th Oct 2022 Download
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