At Pilton Community College, our intent is that students will:


  • Experience a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum

  • Be literate and numerate 

  • Take part in extra-curricular activities to build cultural capital

  • Build character and develop the skills needed to be a valued member of our community

  • Work towards a successful future – both socially and academically. 


Our academic pathways are flexible and aspirational, meeting the needs of the individual whilst serving the local community; providing opportunities to study both academic and vocational subjects. 


All aspects of the curricular and extra-curricular inspire our young people to develop Pilton’s core values of: 

  • Trust

  • Kindness

  • Courage

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Resilience. 


We work closely with the feeder primary schools both in and outside our Trust to ensure that there is a clear progression from KS2 into KS3. 


We have used current educational research to make sure that the curriculum and its delivery best meets the needs of our students. We foster a culture where every student has an equal opportunity to succeed – including our SEND students.


Departments have mapped the knowledge that will be covered in each subject over five years to ensure that the sequence of teaching is logical, allows clear progression, and builds on prior knowledge. Regular revision and planned assessments of prior learning ensure students develop their memory skills and ability to retain key knowledge over time, enabling them to have a solid foundation on which to build a deeper understanding in each subject.

Key Stage Three Curriculum

Pilton’s Key Stage Three curriculum is coherent, rich and ambitious.  All students study the full National Curriculum, which includes English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages (both French and German), Design & Technology (Food Tech, Textiles, Product Design), Art & Design, Music, Physical Education and Computing.  In addition, students study Dance and Drama. PSHE allows students to study relationship and sex education alongside personal, social, health, cultural, citizenship and economic education, in a safe learning environment.


Departments have worked alongside our primary colleagues to guarantee that we are building on prior learning and maintaining high levels of challenge for every student, regardless of their starting point. 

Click here to view our Key Stage 3 curriculum overview. Individual departmental information can be found by clicking the relevant symbol above


Key Stage Four Curriculum

Students continue to study the core subjects of: English, English Literature, Maths, Trilogy or Triple Science, Physical Education and Religious Education. Most students choose a Modern Foreign Language and at least one Humanity subject.  Two remaining choices are made from a wide range of creative, performative and technical subjects.  Students and parents receive a great deal of guidance when choosing their options.  All Key Stage Four students continue to broaden their cultural capital through the academy’s rich extra curriculum programme.