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The Drama GCSE course is of a practical nature with written work worth 70% of the GCSE.  Students work practically to gain knowledge and understanding of skills and techniques required to be an effective performer and gain a wealth of knowledge around creating their own performances and creating adaptations of plays.  Students will have ample opportunities to perform and use their feedback to develop as performers during the course.



Component 1: Understanding Drama  

This combines practical work (multiple choice questions), the study of a scripted play and the study of a live theatre performance.

Component 2: Devising

This gives students the opportunity to create their own piece of theatre using a stimulus. 

Component 3: Text in practice

Students study one text and perform two large extracts from it. 


Component 1:  Written exam of 1 hour 45 minutes

Component 2:  Performance and a 2,500 word essay

Component 3:  Performance


Students will develop their performance and analysis skills as well as their group work and self-confidence.  Students can continue into any kind of theatre-based role such as  performing, designing, and managing.  They can also take forward their skills into a wealth of different areas and academic challenges whilst maintaining a creative mind throughout.



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