GCSE Art is a creative, imaginative and rewarding two year course, building on the skills developed at Key Stage 3. During your course you will produce two projects each year on a variety of themes which will form your art portfolio. We aim to supply you with a range of exciting and stimulating opportunities to express yourself in a personal, skilful and independent way.


In art lessons you can choose to work in a variety of ways, with many different materials.  You will research a range of exciting artists to help inform your knowledge and ideas. There will be the opportunity to take part in art trips to galleries and sometimes to work with visiting artists.  Homework is set weekly and encourages further development and freedom to explore your technical skills, giving time to research ideas independently. We expect a high degree of commitment in terms of time and practice.


The course is in two sections:

  • The portfolio (60% of the grade)

  • The exam; a mini project that does not include any revision (40% of the grade)                                 


Both the portfolio and the exam are assessed using four criteria, each with equal exam weighting:


  • Recording: Using photography, drawing, painting and other materials to record what you see (25%)

  • Experimenting: Combining materials and techniques to find your own style and develop your own ideas  (25%)

  • Artist research: Learning ideas and techniques from artists that you find inspiring  (25%)

  • Outcome: Creating one outcome that shows off your best ideas and skills  (25%)


Art & Design career paths are many. The UK’s creative industries account for over 2.8 million jobs.  More and more often, the ability to think creatively makes you stand out from the crowd in the job market.  If you enjoy coming up with your own ideas, if you like experimenting, working independently and creatively, then Art & Design would be the perfect basis for your future plans.

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