Physical Education

The Physical Education Department at Pilton Community College comprises of eight members of staff, with one administrative assistant, one specialist teaching assistant and a School Sport Co-ordinator. Physical Education plays a key part in a successful school curriculum. We want you to have the skills and be confident in a wide range of physical activities, both in and out of school. That could mean playing for the school team, representing your tutor group in the Inter-Tutor Championship or helping year 3 in their Tennis Festival at Tarka Tennis. We want you to discover the value of a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong physical activity.


Gifted & Talented Opportunities

Aims of the policy

• To identify those students who come under the terms Gifted and Talented in PE.

• To make those students aware of the benefits of being gifted or talented and encourage them to express this gift or talent.

• To ensure gifted and talented students are set appropriate targets to challenge them to work to their true potential.

• To help Gifted and Talented pupils develop the personal qualities which will enable them to maximise their potential 

Students who are GIFTED in PE are likely to show most or all of the following qualities:

• Learn, understand and adopt technical aspects of a sport very quickly.

• Creative, original and adaptable; able to respond quickly to new challenges and situations, often finding new and innovative solutions.

• Able to reflect on processes and outcomes in order to improve performance, taking into account the relationship between skill, fitness and tactics or composition.

• Able to work independently and with initiative.


Pupils who are TALENTED in PE are likely to show most or all of the following qualities:

Talented describes learners who have the ability to excel in practical skills such as sport, leadership or artistic performance.

• Perform exceptionally well at one sport, or in many.

• Good spatial awareness.

• Good understanding of movement quality such as weight and time.

• Skilful body management showing a high degree of control and coordination.

• Able to combine movements fluently, precisely and accurately.

• Able to make correct decisions in pressure situations and adapt their technique accordingly.

• Show a high degree of motivation to practice and performance.


Identification Process
The identification process must not overlook students who take part in sport which in not delivered on the school's curriculum.

The following criteria will need to be followed to ensure none of the students are overlooked:

• Identification checklist done by teaching staff, following teacher observation.

• Discussion with colleagues if more than one staff members teach the same student.

• Information from the pupil, peers, parents, NGB accredited coaches, professional clubs and other accredited organisations.

• Evidence of students performance at County level or above.

• All students must be recorded on the Gifted & Talented register.

Able pupils in PE

Pupils that have been identified by the PE department that do not represent county level or above are placed on the PE Able list. This is for pupils that have shown excellent levels of performance in a number of sports or have represented the school in a majority of sports.


Opportunities for Gifted & Talented and able pupils

As a department we need to ensure the students on the Gifted & Talented and Able registers are provided with opportunities to help them develop the range and quality of their physical, mental and technical skills. By following the criteria below the department should ensure this:

• Schemes of work include extension material.

• Curriculum enrichment opportunities are provided.

• A Gifted & Talented register which is regularly monitored.

• Parents/carers are consulted and involved in the implementation of strategies to support their child.

• If appropriate, external agencies/clubs/coaches contacted to help with providing opportunities for the students.


Strategies for provision

Teachers will endeavour to:

• Allow pupils to miss stages when evidence demonstrates their performance substantially exceeds that of their peers

• Select suitable challenges from the next Unit of Work

• Provide opportunities for pupils to find creative solutions to challenges, take risks and cope with failure

• Encourage independent work

• Provide extension work which is exciting and challenging

• Manage differentiated activity through pace, task, dialogue, input, support, resource, content, responsibility and independence as well as through outcome

• Encourage pupils to refine their work by reviewing and evaluating.

• Discuss with pupils what they are learning and encourage them to identify their own learning needs

• Provide opportunities for pupils to work together in a range of learning situations

• Provide personal support to pupils e.g. through a mentor, to help them manage the pressures of school, academic success and the demands of high-level sport.


Monitoring and Evaluation
Staff will make every effort to create an atmosphere that encourages pupils to succeed. All staff will monitor pupils work and feed information into the department assessment process.

Both the Able list and the Gifted & Talented list will be discussed at department meetings. The department will monitor and record progress in activities inside and outside the school environment. The achievements of all pupils, including the Gifted & Talented, will be valued and recognised in an appropriate way.

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