Home Learning Guidance

We are committed to working with parents, carers and students in a three way partnership in order to support students in achieving their potential. One of the most common areas about which we are asked questions is homework. Most of our parents and carers place considerable value upon homework and are concerned about providing the right help and support at home.

The purpose of homework at Pilton Community College is:

• To help students develop the skills necessary to be independent and lifelong learners.

• To enable students to make faster progress through the consolidation and extension       of classroom activities.

• To emphasise that learning is something that happens in a number of contexts and         not just at school.

• To create and strengthen a learning partnership with parents.

The two things that can really help a parent to support their child with his or her homework are knowing what homework has been set when and how to help.


The following information is aimed at providing clear homework timetables for all years and guidance on how to support your child when doing school work at home.


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