Dance is silent poetry. It is one of the oldest and most natural subjects. Everyone can dance, it's just a matter of trying. Dance allows for creativity and individuality.


At Pilton, dancers in KS3 will cover three units of work each year, inspired by varying stimuli such as poems and adverts and styles such as contemporary and street. Pupils will focus on their choreographic skills, appreciation skills and performance skills. At KS4 pupils build upon these skills and continue to strengthen their technique and study professional works.


Everyone can dance.

Units of work, Grouping of students, assessment and expected standards


Year 7

Year 7 lessons take place over three half terms and the following schemes of work are covered. Each group will cover three of the following six schemes of work:

• Indian

• Rock 'n' Roll

• Ghost Dances

• My Name

• Sports

• Still Life at the Penguin Cafe


Year 8

Year 8 lessons take place over three half terms and the following schemes of work are covered.
Each group will cover three of the following six schemes of work:

• Carman

• Surf

• Capoeira

• Addiction

• Slavery

• Mechanical


Year 9

Year 9 lessons take place over three half terms and the following schemes of work are covered. Each group will cover three of the following six schemes of work:

• Contact Improvisation

• Insight to GCSE Dance

• Swansong

• Adverts

• Street

• Preparation for dance and Drama day


G.C.S.E Performing Arts: Dance

The specification:

• promotes fitness, a healthy lifestyle, team working and creativity

• actively engages students in the process of dance in order to develop as effective and independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds


• develops students' skills, knowledge and understanding of a range of dance styles through the interrelated processes of performing, creating and appreciating dances


• develops physical, technical and expressive skills through which students are able to communicate choreographic intention and develop their individual qualities as performers


• develops students' skills, knowledge and understanding of choreography through which they are able to communicate ideas, thoughts and meaning drawn from a range of dance styles


• develops a critical appreciation of dance in its physical, artistic, aesthetic and cultural contexts


• provides progression from Key Stage 3 and a solid foundation for further studies in dance or performing arts, including A-level Dance and the Creative and Media Diploma, and/or a career in performing arts

Home Learning Opportunities

Homework at KS3 will usually take place in the form of a research task or additional rehearsals prior to assessments. Homework will take place on a 2 to 3 week cycle. Pupils may also wish to extend and improve on their skills at extra curricular clubs.


At KS4 all pupils will have their own A4 file. It is expected that at KS4 pupils will attend additional classes and rehearsals throughout the course to prepare them for their final practical examinations. The majority of successful pupils have a technique. Pupils MUST attend live dance performances when opportunities arise. Pupils are continually assessed on their creative skills, technical and expressive skills and their appreciation for professional dance works. During the Spring term in year 11 all pupils will be involved in the final moderation of their four practical examinations and a final written paper in May.


Gifted & Talented Opportunities

Pupils who are talented performers or gifted choreographers will be identified on an ongoing basis as well as at assessment periods. A pupil may be gifted in one particular style of dance.

Within lessons gifted and talented pupils will be stretched through extension tasks and encouraged to attend or lead an extra curricular club during lunchtime or after school.


Enrichment activities include:

Professional workshops with companies such as Richard Alston and Candoco

Annual Dance Show (years 7-11)

Break dance workshops with Just 4 Funk (years 7-11 2 per year)

DAISI professional workshop (x2 years 7-9 and years 10-11)

Dance and Drama trip for Years 10 and 11 to London,

Year 9 Dance & Drama Day

Performance and workshops to local Primary schools

Day of Dance at Petroc

Year 9 & 10 G&T project in association with Petroc

GCSE Dance Performance Evening

Annual School Production (Years 7 ? 10) allows students to extend their awareness of an audience.

Fashion show (years 7-11)

Opportunities to co-lead KS3 clubs

Various trips to The Queens Theatre, The Landmark, Exeter Northcott and Plymouth Theatre.

Performance opportunities at The Landmark Theatre and The Plough Theatres.

Outstanding pupils are invited to:

Pilton Youth Dance Auditions in September

Devon Youth Dance Company Auditions in September

Youth Dance Academy Auditions in May

Dance Show in May and Other performance opportunities arise throughout the year.

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