Modern Foreign Languages


The learning of Modern Foreign Languages serves a cultural and linguistic purpose in that it exposes students to foreign language and culture, therefore promoting global citizenship. Through studying a GCSE in a modern foreign language, students should develop their ability and ambition to understand and communicate with native speakers. The study of a modern foreign language at GCSE should also broaden students’ horizons and encourage them to step beyond familiar cultural boundaries and develop new ways of seeing the world.

Explicit teaching of vocabulary and core phrases takes place in all years. Complexity of vocabulary and structures increases throughout the course.

At Key Stage 3 our students will: 

  • build on prior language learning skills at KS2 by reinforcing vocabulary, basic grammar and transactional language. 

  • explore a range of topics and grammar, allowing them to express themselves in a foreign language. 

  • compare another language with their mother tongue and learn about the culture of another country. 

  • be able to reach their full potential through a variety of differentiation strategies including challenge and scaffolding. 


At Key Stage 4 our students will:

  • build on prior learning at KS3 by revisiting many of the same topics in order to deepen knowledge and increase linguistic and grammatical sophistication.

  • deepen their knowledge about how language works and enrich their vocabulary in order for them to increase their independent use and understanding of extended language in a wide range of contexts.

  • consolidate exam skills in preparation for GCSE exams.

Enrichment opportunities

  • Year 8 trip

  • Word of the week

  • European Day of Languages

  • Cultural Diversity Day

  • Language clubs

  • Authentic resources (songs, films, poems, stories, festivals, traditions, celebrations)

  • Cultural presentations

  • Cross curricular project with Humanities

  • MFL speaking competition

  • European Bake-off

  • Poster competition

  • Careers presentations

  • ERASMUS project

  • Exchange

  • Foreign visitors

  • MFL Language Leaders

  • University visits


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