Religious Education

Our R.E. curriculum aims to engage students on to a five-year spiralling continuation in their learning journeys, of both knowledge and understanding of religion. We aim to set students up to succeed by making our learning objectives, expectations and the reasoning for them, clear from the start. We aim to teach our students to enquire and learn about religion in an interactive way. We aim to use low stake quizzing, feedback, collaboration and student-centred resources to close gaps that our students have from KS2. We aim to monitor students' subject specific vocabulary and to embed literacy and reading into every lesson. We aim to build opportunities for extended writing into our units. We aim to enable our students to fully explore ideas and improve literacy skills and subject vocabulary. We aim to build more time into lessons for students to reflect on their learning and their own personal beliefs. We aim to use big questions to build on students’ current knowledge and understanding of world issues and the varying views surrounding them. 

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