History GCSE

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This is an exciting course for anyone who enjoys History.  The topics are varied and give students a broad base from which they can further develop their post GCSE studies. History actively engages students in the process of historical enquiry, enabling them to develop as effective and independent learners and critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds.



Medicine through Time

  • Medicine and treatment from 1250 to the present day

  • The British Sector of the Western Front


American West

  • The clash between Plains Indians and American settlers in the period 1840-95.


Anglo-Saxon and Norman England

  • England pre 1066 and how William the Conqueror gained control of England and consolidated his rule.


Weimar, Germany and the rise of the Nazis

  • Source based study of the creation of one of the most devastating regimes in History.




Three essay-based exams at the end of Year 11:


  • Medicine & the Western Front (30% of total marks)

  • American West & Anglo-Saxon England (40% of total marks)

  • Nazi Germany (30% of total marks)


Students who achieve GCSE History will be able to study History at A- level and beyond.  The skills learnt can be  transferred into a variety of different areas including  journalism, law and politics. It is a subject which is greatly valued by employees and universities alike.  Students will also become more critical thinkers of the world in which they live, understanding such ideas as interpretations,  propaganda and bias.

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