Creative iMedia BTEC

What’s is Creative  iMedia? 


Creative iMedia studies interactive media products which are produced using computers. This includes websites, video games, films, TV shows, radio, podcasts, online magazines and more. The creative aspect comes during the production of these products in which an individual or a team of people will use their imagination to create these products from scratch. 


Course structure 

The course is broken down into several different units, each exploring a different aspect of digital media products. Unit R093 and R094 are mandatory units, one optional unit is chosen by the learner from the five remaining units and a media product is produced to a set brief. 


Unit R093 – Creative iMedia in the media industry 


This unit is assessed by taking an exam. In this unit you will learn about the media industry, digital media products, how they are planned, and the media codes which are used to convey meaning, create impact and engage audiences. Topics include: 


the media industry  

  • factors influencing product design  

  • pre-production planning  

  • distribution considerations 


Unit R094 – Visual Identity and digital graphics 


This unit is assessed by completing a set assignment. In this unit you will learn to how to develop visual identities for clients and use the concepts of graphic design to create original digital graphics to engage target audiences. Topics include: 

  • developing visual identity  

  • planning digital graphics for products  

  • creating visual identity and digital graphics 


The five remaining units study the following aspects:


  • R095 – Characters and comics 

  • R096 – Animation and audio 

  • R097 – Interactive Digital Media 

  • R098 – Visual Imaging 

  • R099 – Digital Games 


One of these units must be chosen and studied by learners. During the course learners will plan the production of their chosen media product, produce the product(s) then finally review their work to industry specifications. 


What you can expect 

During the course units one & two are compulsory and must be studied, then a choice of one of the five remaining unit is studied and a variety of software used to produce a final product of you own planning, creation and finally review. The course does involve around 70% of written work and 30% practical work on the optional unit. Participants of the course will be expected to manage their own time outside of the classroom, as this is paramount to ensure a high grade. 


Career opportunities 

Digital media is one of the largest growing sectors in the world; virtually all media from entertainment to accessibility is now digital and consumed on digital devices such as computers, phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches and even some smart fridges and ovens. All of this media needs to be created and produced by creative people. There is a huge demand for people with the skills necessary to produce these products. This course and subsequent study of similar or specialised subjects at A-Level and at university could lead you onto careers in:

animation, game development, cinematography, magazine editing and publishing, writing, graphic design, website production and management, sound engineering and more - all in a growing sector with unlimited possibilities.