Beliefs, Values & Traditions GCSE

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Beliefs, Values and Traditions is a vital area of study. We believe it is important for all young people, particularly those from North Devon, to appreciate the diversity of multi-cultural Britain. We want them to be better informed about a wide range of current and religious affairs, providing them with skills in making decisions about moral problems and encouraging them to discuss ideas and listen to the views of others.


Central to BVT lessons is the exploration of life’s really important questions, giving students a platform to discuss and reflect upon such moral, philosophical and spiritual questions as: 


  • Does money make us happy?

  • What happens when I die? 

  • How should criminals be punished?

  • If God exists, why is there suffering in the world?

We will also be discussing issues and attitudes to do with:


  • Relationships and families

  • Religion and life

  • Religion, crime and punishment

  • Religion, human rights and social justice

  • The study of Christianity and Islam




The course is assessed by two written exams at the end of Year 11 (no coursework).  Each exam accounts for 50% of the total GCSE mark.




Many of the topics under discussion in this course are chosen by GCSE candidates in their English oral exams and many students go on to study Philosophy, Philosophy & Ethics or Philosophy of Religion at A-Level and  beyond.


The course also prepares students to work and deal with people of different cultures and beliefs which can be useful for careers such as the police, teaching, nursing, social work, journalism, media and the armed forces.


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