Child Development

We offer Child Development as a GCSE subject at KS4.

Child Development, as well as being a varied and interesting subject, is essentially teaching a skill for life. Many of our pupils will go on to careers working with children and of course, many of them will be parents themselves one day! We aim to give students a broad understanding about families, pregnancy, nutrition and the developmental stages that a child goes through from 0 to 5 years. The aim is to make the lessons relevant to our pupils and the world they live in today and to that end, we encourage questioning and discussion as part of the learning process.


Key Stage 3

Units of work, Grouping of students, assessment and expected standards

Child Development is not taught as a distinct course in Key Stage 3 however elements of the development of young people are covered within the PDC curriculum.


Key Stage 4

Units of work, Grouping of students, assessment and expected standards

WJEC GCSE Child Development is for students who wish to develop life skills that will enable them to become better parents and/or go on to qualify in a career caring for children. Students will have an opportunity to extend and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding of the development and care of children from conception to the age of five years. It promotes an understanding of the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of the child which is inter-linked through the study of the family, community and the responsibilities of parenthood.The examination coursework is in two parts: The child study– observing and writing about a child under 5 years of age over a period of 6 months. The second part is an exam board prescribed task– a research, design and make item to fit a specific developmental need. There is also a written exam in the summer term of Year 11.

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